Relaxor-ferroelectric and High-k Terpolymers & Inks

Additional CTFE or CFE monomer units, in the well-organized VDF-TrFE chains, improve dipole mobility, thus inducing unique relaxor ferroelectric properties.

Piezotech® RT

P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) or P(VDF-TrFE-CFE) are unique relaxor ferroelectric polymers that exhibit high electrostrictive strain and high dielectric constants. 

  • High deformation (directly proportionnal to the applied electric field squared, E²)
  • High elastic energy
  • High stress

Piezotech® RT Terpolymer Powders

Piezotech® RT terpolymer powders are available with either CFE or CTFE as the termonomer. 


Specific composition or molecular weight can be produced upon request.

Product Name Termonomer

Typical termonomer content


Typical melting point


Typical relative dielectric constant

(1 kHz)

Piezotech® RT-TS CTFE 8.5 122 40
Piezotech® RT-FS CFE 8.5 127 55
Electroactive ink 2

Piezotech® RT Inks

Solvents and concentrations have been defined to allow for the use of standard printing conditions. 3 standard formulations adapted for conventional techniques are available.


Standard Piezotech® RT Inks are formulated with Piezotech® RT-TS polymer powder.

Specific inks can be formulated upon request.

Grade Technology


(mPa.s at 32 °c)

Thickness range


Indicative dry content



Ink L



< 1000 0.1 - 2 7
Ink H



1500 - 3000

Spin-coat: 0.5 – 2

Solvent-cast: 2 - 80

Ink P Screen-printing 12000 - 24000 1 - 10 17.5



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