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Introduction to our two ranges of products:

  • Piezotech® FC with piezo-, pyro- and ferro-electric properties.
  • Piezotech® RT with high-k, relaxor ferroelectric, electrostrictive and electrocaloric properties.


Examples of some key applications:

  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • High-k dielectrics
  • Electrocalorics


Thanks to their remarkable electroactive properties, these products can be used into many electronics devices addressing numerous markets.

Download our Technical guide

Download our technical guide



The different technical guides support the use of the different Piezotech® products:


  • Piezotech® FC
  • Piezotech® RT 
  • Piezotech® FC Ink P
  • Piezotech® PVDF Shock Gauges
  • TDS Piezotech® FC Films


These documents summarizes some typical properties, the general processing rules and advices and the integration into electrical devices and signal processing guidelines.


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