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Piezotech® FC and Piezotech® RT: actuators

In actuator applications, devices benefit from the rapid response performance of Piezotech®'s polymers.

Piezotech® FC ferroelectric copolymers - Due to the piezoelectric effect, strain is rapidly induced in Piezotech® FC copolymers when exposed to an electric field. Actuator performance is enabled by the high energy density response behavior of these materials, even at low electric field.

Piezotech® RT relaxor terpolymers - Due to the electrostrictive effect, very high strain can be induced in Piezotech® RT terpolymers when exposed to high electric fields. Actuator performance is enabled by the very high deformation rate of these materials at such high electric fields.


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Piezotech printed actuator

HAPPINESS European Project

Printed haptic feedback

HAPPINESS project will offer a new haptic Human-Machine Interfaces technology, integrating touch sensing and disruptive feedback capabilities directly into an automotive dashboard.