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This section provides technical information about our products and processing.

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Electroactive ink 3

How to formulate

Piezotech® polymers are soluble in different solvents. Polymer concentration must be tuned in order to obtain the appropriate viscosity corresponding to your printing process.

Electroactive device thermal treatment

Thermal treatment

Solvent evaporation and annealing treatment are critical steps to obtain devices with optimal properties.

How to pole

In order to activate Piezotech® FC copolymer material, a poling step is necessary. Depending on the film thickness and the targeted piezoelectric properties, different methods can be used.

How to measure

When using a piezo- or pyro- electric sensor, the obtained signal strongly depends on measurement conditions.



How to connect - How to cut

Films and patterned films can be integrated into an electronic device. Discover how.


Some basic calculations about deformation under an electric field and voltage generation under pressure.